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Sometimes it may accompany the findings such as needing to wet the bottom and emergency urine. Night-bottoming is examined by separating two groups as physiological and organic according to their causes. A large group (90-95%) of children who wet the night (90-95%) is collected in the wetting group of the physiological underneath, can be named as organic enuresis to this type of wet wetting problems. It is reported that these children are inadequate of the small and sleep depths of the bladder capacities that they feel in the night asleep. Nightly, it is normally 50% less urine output than the day night. This plasma arginine vasopressin is due to the increase in the nights of the vasopress. In the neuretic children, there are similar vasopressin levels in the day and the night, and the buddha causes them to create more amounts of urine in the night. It is important that the bottom of the underlining is largely based on genetic predisposition. If there is a history of subtracting underneath the mother and father, there are 43% in the child in 77% in the child, if there are 77% in the 77%, there is a problem of wetting on the bottom of the 15% or below the patients with the history of aunt, still). Patients with family history show a similar course to their families in terms of recovery time.

The fact that the soaking is in sleep, it brings to mind that there is a sleep disorder that causes them to sleep very deeply or to prevent them from waking up. It is shown that there is no difference from normal children.

There are 2-3% of children, such as diabetes, renal diseases, bladder diseases are detected from 2-3% of children. In 5-10% of the cases, it is accompanied by complacency such as the need for frequent and emergency urine to wet the bottom. These are defined as “polysymptomatic underlining”. In these children, urinary tract infection is to be bacteria in urine, constipation and sometimes nutrient allergies. In addition, in recent years, it is seen that there is a high rate of subtractions in adenoid vegatated children, known as “nasal meat” in recent years and the postoperative complaints pass.

In general, psychological events do not lead to the problem of wetting previously mentioned premiums. Therefore, there is no need to seek a spiritual problem in the vast majority of children soaking. It should also be extracted from the mind to which the preliminary judgments are invalid as bad children wet. If a spiritual problem is experiencing underlining after a mental problem, this is usually the reappearance of the physiological underlay. In children with a behavioral decline, there are additional findings such as school failure, fear, such as horror, and should be seen by child psychiatrists.

We must indicate immediately and important that it is very much of the soaking itself, these children harm the wrong attitudes of families and society. The most danger of these are the attempts to punish sexual regions that are subject to news titles such as “put the daughter under the stove”. Such attitudes leave the effect on children’s impact on lifetime. It should be noted that children who wet the bottom of the children experienced a physiological development delay (such as a teething, delay of speech) and the basic task of the family is to make the child’s self-esteem to take this problem before the child’s self-esteem.