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The child was clever. Was affected by events experienced. Mum dad had fallen to his own course. In the child, different tables were revealed in different ages. The child was giving signals but the family did not understand. Something was doing in the framework of their own relationship, but the husband conflict of wife was reflected in children. This situation has been resistant to the depression in the child.

The reflection of experienced conflicts to the child’s personality causes bad results. The child’s trust relationship had been the lower top. The self-confidence was reset. The child had been a unhappy child, who has not been opened to his parents, speechless. The children in these conflicts become someone who overlook negative to the environment. The risk of depression in children, the negative determination of personality is the risk of development in this conflict environment. The risk of being lazy in children growing in familiar families is also high. These children are the adult adulthood candidate with the environment. It is important to discover at an early age if there is genetic floor.

The Mother’s emotional situation, depression, depression and unhappiness that develops after childbirth. With the femininity identity, the maternity identity is mixing, perhaps the problems with the wife, the ability to know how to approach the baby, the disregard of the stimulus to the child, emotionally, the disregard of the baby’s neglectfulness, in place and timely, is to be loved by sufficient physical contact.

The babies are very different, while the babies are very different, while the depression shows itself. The difference in the depression of infants is that the little child cannot express himself. How to understand depressed baby? Either the environment is uncomfortable with the child or the surroundings are distressed from his status. The child is not actually living alone. The distress affects the whole family as the child lives in a family system. Here is a child expert psychiatry and psychologists to get help for the child as it feels all the family situation as a result of this affection. The clinical application is in this way. The behavioral disorders occurring in the baby’s depression should be well noticed by the family.

When the school age begins, the cost of the depression pays the most frequently, the school performance is falling. The children who came to the especially the BUILD age are unable to explain itself very well, because of them are feeling a spiritual pressure on them. They do not tell this pressure often squeeze them. After arriving in the Age of Bulu─č, the childhood is ending problems, but this time the pains of growth start. The child who is good in the environment and family is good, but if the communication with family and environment is not good with family and environment, self-self-esteem can be demolished.

Families are really responsible and sensitive if it notices the problem in the early child, but it does not notice early if this hardware does not exist. It can be delayed to get expert assistance in families who do not know that the child’s behavior is not revealed by their request. These families enter each other with the children as they are not aware of the situation. They are experiencing violent fights and snows. However, on these discussions, they bring their children to get clinical assistance.

Depression shows no mismatches living. Entering a variety of fights with family. Antonyms are experiencing, opposite coming. Families with this adaptation problem of the child are dealing with themselves for a while. No children or adolescent is brought in a weekly depression. When you grow up, let’s wait a little bit of the children’s kind of approaches. The depression experienced by the child is mixed with other clinical statements.

The family ‘child failed, not working’ when the depression in the child is mixed with different clinical tables. It’s getting close from being listening to the word. The mother father is more focused on their disturbance and these children are brought to us late. Problems will be solved more quickly if brought early. The treatment rate of depression in children is high. To work with the child to the treatment planning, it is faster to work by adding the parents. The parents do not adapt to the resistant depression are being compelling.

In psychotherapy, first is aimed at family work. These therapies are also working at family attitudes because the change of family behavior is to take the importance to the results. Depression The child of the living child is important at this stage of the mental health and teacher of the teacher. The treatment team needs to enter family and teacher cooperation. You need to confidence in the teacher to trust the child, you feel safe at school. The child self is important to arrive at psychotherapy but should not be limited to this alone child, should join the family and teacher