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The 2-year-old syndrome, which is one of the development stages, is the period that children are trying to reach their infancy and accept themselves as an individual. This syndrome, which has the first step of individualization and between the 18th and 36 months, is a very strenuous period for both children and parents. In the first individualization process of children who have not developed language development and communication skills, in the first individualization process before puberty, stubbornly seizures, aggressive attitudes, uneasy do not say no, shouts, shout and be restless until you get what you want to the fore. The 2-year-old syndrome is an important period that parents should manage carefully. By trying to exit the control of mother and fathers, children trying to prove their own personalities are in the effort to prove themselves into the entire external world during this period. Parents who encounter their children’s aggressive and stubborn attitudes, they may think that their children are pampered, making it unnecessary whimsis. However, children who are not yet fully developed are contrasting with the family, further reacting to this angry attitude. This situation is a completely temporary period, as well as a part of a process or part of the character of the child. Before the age of 2 years of age is to be approached to children living, “What is the age syndrome?” You need to understand that well.

The age syndrome of the first steps of the first steps from infancy to childhood is the 2-year-old syndrome between 1.5 and 3 years, is a process that pushes families from time to time. The 2-year-old syndrome also known as terrible two are part of psychological development, which is expected to be in all healthy children. The child who can talk to the mother-dependent and is impossible to exist alone, the child who can be able to talk to and walks after this development features, which can be held and emotionally moves away from the mother. The boy who realizes that he is a separate individual, attempts to prove the entire surroundings by entering a central period. With its realizing the self, it is true that their own decisions are correct, efforts to prove that their own ideas are valuable to their family and other people. This is the reason for frequently heard negative sentences in this period. In the period of 2 years, the child who has been developing in a healthy manner is an extremely normal state of making anger seizures, exhibiting the aggressive behaviors.

Throughout this syndrome, which is seen, a great responsibility falls into parents. By correctly approaching the child, it is extremely important to try to understand his needs, to tolerate and draw definite limits. Playing the game with the golden rule of communicating with the child is also a method as healthy as it is fun. The emotions and thoughts that cannot be explained verbally can be carried out in the game, effectively be transferred to the child.