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In the man, we are able to do much more than that because the brain is from birth of a greater cognitive capacity. Shown by research that this application is less effective on humans. Instead, trainings that increase the child’s thinking capacity are more effective. Needs to guide. Needs to ask the correct questions. It is necessary to show the consequences of their behavior instead of a penalty.

When you have a child who has been upset, the crying ortery of the crystaking is a child, it is forced to manage your own sense as the parent as the parent is already unable to solve it, which is unable to solve it, let it be able to resolve it alone in the corner. We actually need to get an attitude in the opposite. Trying to figure out the cause of her resentment together to show the result of his behavior, to think of it with him, to help him to understand what you live.

The parent’s job is to attempt to mobilize the child’s upper brain. Always trying to pull upwards. When punished or simple punishment-award mechanisms, we push the lower brain in situations such as leaving the girl. We push on the spine more.

Whenever I see a very serious team problems, I’m trying not to see the ball as a misdemeanor caused by him. ALL: “What are we doing wrong?” I’m going back to think. If you find that and make the right behavior, everything is sitting on his rail and it really works regularly.

Discipline is different from the penalty. Teaching parent’s mainstream child. Discipline and put a border. Unlimitations are creating stress for the child, the overbound also creates stress. It is necessary to establish a balance between. The positive side comes from here. The behavior he does is not actually a negative behavior. To start her, starting anger by showing anger. There is a person who is trying to find and find the truthful. Start with a positive feeling, give him support, close with love and solve the problem with him.

Do not cheat on you that the non-positive reward-penalty mechanism works. It serves very fast but serves the lower brain and the human is much more than that. Man deserves much better methods than that.

Make their expectations realistic. The main-fathers are interested in the child, while they are sometimes waiting for the things that are not in accordance with his development step. When we do not recognize an asset, we are unable to establish empathies with it and we cannot communicate well as we cannot understand their needs. The human brain is great to produce ideas but not the best device to save the ideas. The main-father needs to follow the development steps and confirm that everything is going on periodically. The second advantage has the chance to intervene when there is any trouble. As a sensory of 0-3 years, we have prepared a developmental checklist, as psychomotor skills, with brain development and a team points related to communication.

You can reach the Developmental Checklist by clicking here. To check this provides an early warning system for you.